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ITSqc Press Conference - TPI

TPI is a leader in guiding organizations through effective, lasting transformation of their business support operations.  They help optimize business operations through the best combination of outsourcing, offshoring, shared services and internal service optimization.

In this excerpt from a recent ITSqc-sponsored press conference, Shawn McCray, a Partner at TPI, describes 3 cases where eSCM models were used successfully with TPI clients.


eSCM - A successful sourcing framework: Logica

New habits in sourcing may be deployed efficiently using a standard framework, such as eSCM. In France, a French company adopts eSCM every 3 months. Benoît Leboucher explians the success of this initatives and the various interest companies find in eSCM.

This episode from Logica TV features Benoit Leboucher, who is a Senior partner at Logica Business Consulting France and an International Partner at Logica business Consulting worldwide. In France, he is in charge of IT governance, IT strategy, Service Management and Sourcing Consulting within Logica Business Consulting. He manages a team of 60 consultants.


For Logica TV:

About TPI

TPI, the founder and innovator of the sourcing advisory industry and the largest sourcing advisory firm in the world, collaborated as a member of the Research Consortium supporting eSCM development. The eSCM-CL was co-authored by an ITSqc researcher and a senior advisor from TPI.

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