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Certification Process

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An Evaluation for Certification is a third-party external evaluation of an organization's capability. These are the only eSCM Capability Determination methods that can lead to certification by ITSqc, and should be used when an organization wants a public record of its capabilities. A Full Evaluation for Certification is based on a review of the organization's implementation of all Practices in an eSCM Model (either eSCM-SP or eSCM-CL). A Mini Evaluation for Certification is based on review of the organization's implementation of selected Practices in an eSCM Model (examining selected Capability Levels or Capability Areas).

Only an Evaluation for Certification leads to an ITSqc certification. Organizations may be certified to the eSCM-CL (clients) and/or the eSCM-SP (service providers).

An Evaluation Team performs an on-site evaluation of organization, using the eSCM Model as its benchmark, and creates a report that is submitted to ITSqc, which convenes a Certification Board consisting of senior ITSqc staff. The Certification Board reviews the Request for Certification and the results of the Evaluation for Certification. It then makes a Capability Determination and issues a Certificate of Capability, usually within thirty days.

The Certification Board ensures the highest levels of impartiality and confidentiality. The process includes mechanisms for the Board to hear appeals, complaints, and disputes regarding the organization's certification.

In addition, the ITSqc makes all necessary arrangements to maintain their impartiality and to safeguard the confidentiality of all information obtained during the certification process.

eSCM Capability Determination Options

ITSqc, LLC supports a number of options for organizations undergoing an Evaluation for Certification or a Self Appraisal based on the eSourcing Capability Models.

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Certification Paths

Both paths to certification begin with a Mini Self-appraisal as a gap analysis, and end with a Full Evaluation for Certification. One path does this via a Full Self-appraisal, while the other does it via a Mini Evaluation.

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Find an Authorized Evaluator

eSCM Capability Determinations are conducted by teams of ITSqc Authorized Evaluators and led by Authorized Lead Evaluators.

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